Food for Thought exhibition at the Corinium Museum Saturday 25th April – Friday 5th June 2015

We will be holding a free exhibition at the wonderful Corinium Museum, Cirencester in a few months time. The exhibition will explore food and drink in the Roman world through the themes of identity, memory and global vs local connections. We will be exhibiting a broad range of artefacts, ranging from pottery to mineralised seeds, which will show just how archaeologists reconstruct Roman food.

Accompanying the exhibition are a series of gallery talks and evening lectures, delving more deeply into particular aspects of Roman food and drink.

Thursday 25th June – Dr Zena Kamash : Food for Thought. Not just dormice: The Archaeology of Roman Food

Further information is here

Pop-up Restaurant at Royal Holloway Christmas Food Fair – 1st December 2014

Festival of Ancient Tales – East Oxford Classics Community Centre – 3rd October 2014

To celebrate the first birthday of the Classics Community Centre, they held a festival of classical stories and myths. Food for Thought were there, talking about archaeological evidence for Roman food, and how this matches and contrasts the literary evidence. We also had a lovely chat with Classics Confidential.

Roman lunch at Horatio’s Garden: 1st June 2014

This event provided a Roman lunch for the patients, staff and volunteers at Horatio’s Garden and the Salisbury Spinal Unit. Alongside the lunch, we had a display of posters with content about current research into food in the Roman world. Miranda Creswell also exhibited her current artworks related to landscape and food. The ‘Food for Thought’ team talked to people about the posters and hosted informal handling sessions with material culture and plant foods related to food from Romano-British sites.


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